CertifiedAsshole.com the site that tests how big an Asshole you really are.


Certified Asshole.Com is not for just any old asshole, it was created for Assholes who can prove they are Assholes. Are you a certifiable asshole?

Get Certified Now in just a few minutes by taking our online asshole test. Once you have completed the exam we will certify you as one of the 5 basic types of asshole( or a "normal person"). You will then be placed into our Certified Asshole database at the correct level.  When you are done you can proudly tell the world that you have been Certified at Certified Asshole.Com

As a Certified Asshole you will have access to our exclusive members area where you can acquire our trademark Certified Asshole gear.  Unique Certified Asshole Hats, T-Shirts, Golf Shirts, and Jackets that are available only to Official Certified Assholes.  You can also get your own email address like yourname@certifiedasshole.com or yourname@certifiedahole.com.

With all this the world will know for a fact that they are dealing with a REAL CERTIFIED ASSHOLE.


Just some of the items available to Certified Assholes

product image 1
Quality twill shirt with a pocket sporting an embroidered logo that lets everyone know you are a Certified Asshole.

product image 2
Twill 100% cotton baseball caps with cloth strap and Buckle adjustment. Embroidered with the CERTIFIED ASSHOLE logo to let everyone know who they are dealing with.

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