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Certified Asshole.Com is the brain child of Brad Lee the first Certified Grand Master Asshole.  Brad spent 43 years honing his Asshole talents to the point where he achieved Grand Master Asshole status.  Once he achieved this Zen level of Assholiness he realized that the world had Assholes all wrong and decided it was time to set the record straight on what an Asshole really is.  In his infinite Asshole wisdom he created Certified Asshole.Com so that Assholes everywhere could become Certified and be recognized for their accomplishments.

Certified Asshole.Com will attempt to create some beneficial information with the assistance of Assholes world wide.  If you choose to become certified you will have the opportunity to share some information about yourself so that we can compile a basic survey of where assholes come from, etc.  It is all voluntary, as many Assholes do not like to share information about themselves. In an attempt to teach the world more about Assholes our intent is to compile a general statistical analysis about real assholes and share those statistics with people visiting this site .  Information such as how many Certified Assholes are between the ages of 20-30, 30-40, etc. Also some basic geographic statistics like how many Assholes are there in various states, countries, or regions of the world, etc.

NONE OF THE DETAILED INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE WILL BE SHARED OR SOLD TO ANYONE FOR ANY COMMERCIAL PURPOSE! NOR WILL IT BE USED TO DIRECT MARKET ANY PRODUCTS TO YOU WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION! The only detailed information that will be shared will be on this site and it will be only those items you specifically agree to share and will be limited to things like name, city, State, and email address, THIS IS ONLY IF YOU SPECIFICALLY SAY TO SHARE THE DETAILED INFORMATION.)

Since we don't want to be a bunch of Assholes tied up in court with other Assholes we are required to say the following:
CertifiedAsshole.Com is for entertainment purposes only. Any statements made are for entertainment purposes only and in no way are intended to disparage, belittle, mock, ridicule, criticize, scorn, or vilify any individual, groups of individuals, companies, organizations, religions, races, genders, or anyone or their character or reputation or anything else.  Further, CertifiedAsshole.com, employees of CertifiedAsshole.Com, CertifiedAsshole.com parent companies, affiliates, suppliers, etc. in no way represent to have any particular skill or ability to identify the psychological status, mental state, personal or professional abilities or habits of an individual, group of individuals, companies, organizations, religions, races, genders, or anyone.  In other words, this is all for fun, if you don't like it don't read it, and DO NOT FOR ANY REASON TAKE IT TO BE SERIOUS OR PERSONAL. CertifiedAsshole.com, it's parent companies, affiliates, suppliers, etc. in no way take responsibility for the content of any posting, editorial, or any other statements written or otherwise, of the clients/customers of CertifiedAsshole.com. In other words just cause some asshole is certified by us, that does not make them a spokesman for us, nor does it mean that we agree with everything, or for that matter anything, that the asshole says or does.

Basically, being Assholes we stand by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, and everything you read here that was written by us is just our opinion, from our limited perspectives, and we love to share our opinions. Also, remember, that by visiting this site and reading our pages you have solicited our opinion. If you don't want our opinion you can leave our web site and never return. Since we are just a bunch of assholes we couldn't care less what you do and for that matter what does anyone care about what a bunch of assholes think anyway.


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