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So you want to know how you can become an Asshole.

Are you an idiot?  Did you really think that you can choose to be an asshole?  A person can not just decide to be an asshole.  Being a true asshole is a combination of genetic constructs and years of environmental influences. Trust me it doesn't just happen overnight, many of us have been honing our asshole skills for our entire lives.

There are some assholes who go through a majority of their lives hiding or denying the fact that they are assholes. They may have hidden their asshole tendencies for years, trying to be "Normal". The ones who repress their natural asshole instincts are never truly happy, they go through their lives with something missing, and feel that they can't discuss this with their family and friends for fear of reprisals. To those people we say, LET IT OUT! Let the whole world see that your an asshole. It's very liberating, once you embrace your assholiness you don't care about others and what they think. So for your own well being, which is all that really matters to assholes, acknowledge that you are an asshole and quit trying to be something that your not.

It is possible for someone to become an asshole later in life. Have you known someone that seemed to be a nice guy then as time went by you found he was becoming an asshole?  This is rare, but it can happen. They may have been born with all the correct genetic markers for being an asshole, however, due to improper environmental conditions their asshole tendencies didn't develop correctly.  A change of environmental conditions later in life can cause their asshole instincts to be released and they are finally set free to become the best asshole they can be.

Assholes of the world unite!

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